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How to Build Natural Backlinks for Ecommerce Website? - Updated 2023

April 26, 2023 | Author:  Nancy P. Howard


Enhancing the ecommerce website visibility for online retail companies means a lot. Ecommerce link building is one of the most effective ways that contains enormous potential for realizing that. Gaining natural backlinks along with other SEO techniques boosts ecommerce websites' rankings incredibly on search engines. That is why this article will explain in detail link building tactics for ecommerce brands. It will also give hints on how to apply those tactics in practice and get the maximum possible advantage from them.

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The essence of link building for ecommerce is gaining higher positions on the web. However, the link building tactics also bring a lot of other benefits when it concerns brand reputation and recognition. That is why it is crucial to associate your ecommerce website only with high-quality backlinks. Continue reading this article to get some tips on how to select the best backlinks for your ecommerce websites.


SEO and link building for ecommerce

Both seasoned SEO experts and ecommerce specialists know that link building makes up a part of the offsite SEO. In brief, it is a group of website optimization techniques that rely on external sources.

Link building as a part of the off-page SEO implies that external online sources refer to the ecommerce website. Sometimes, those external sources link back to you even when a webmaster does not know anything about them. However, gaining backlinks is a long and painstaking process in most cases. That is why you should know all the details on how to gain natural backlinks online.

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Effective Link Building Tactics for Ecommerce Brands in 2023

Before you embark on your journey of hunting for links, you should consider several important things. The first and most important one is that you need to get only real backlinks of high quality. This means that no automation techniques are accepted when it comes to backlinking. Such automation techniques can bring the desired results very quickly, though Google would not be happy with that. Such tricks might result even in the suspension of your website and the brand reputation drop among your customers.

Another important aspect of link building is that you need to be patient and persistent. This is especially actual when it comes to gaining super backlinks with high domain authority.

Link building for ecommerce websites is a time-consuming and ongoing process. Gaining and checking backlinks is a continuous process that never stops. Below find the best link building tactics for an ecommerce brand that would bring the desired result in 2023.

Sustain Professional Network

The most obvious way to start your link building campaign is to refer to the companies that you already know. Those could be your stakeholders, business partners, customers, and other companies you cooperate with. As nearly all commercial institutions have their online representations, you can ask them to link back to your ecommerce website or a web page from there.

Dealing with the companies you cooperate with could be profitable both for your business as well as theirs. When you link back to each other’s commercial websites, this is beneficial for Google rankings. Search engines are already wise enough to understand the established connections online between companies in the same industry, and value this fact incredibly. Starting with the backlinks within your professional network would be the greatest first step ever to start gaining other quality backlinks.

Search for High Domain Authority Backlinks

When it comes to link building for ecommerce websites, the principal concept is the same as for other types of business websites. The quality of backlinks prevails over the quantity of backlinks in sense of value for the entire website. That is why you should pay attention to the website you get the backlinks from.

The backlinks from the .edu and .gov domains are of particular value. Gaining such backlinks is a cherished dream of most webmasters. However, you need to acknowledge that much effort and time would be needed to gain at least one backlink like that.

Consider that the backlinks from the .edu and .gov websites should also relate to the theme of your ecommerce website. For instance, if your company deals with dairy products, you might consider gaining backlinks from the university degree program websites related to nutritionology or chemistry.

Check Ecommerce Website Architecture

When you are planning your backlink-building strategy, you should select the ecommerce web pages to link to. Сheck your ecommerce website architecture and make sure that there are no more than 3 levels from any page to the main page. Otherwise, a complex website structure could complicate the user navigation on the ecommerce website and cause the UX experience collapses.

Selecting the right pages to get backlinks to also depends on how many users visit them on average. Those should definitely be pages that show up on Google and have successfully passed the crawling and indexing stages. See Leeline Sourcing to learn what could be the problem in case an ecommerce web page does not show up on search engines.

Technical SEO

Developing link building strategy is also tightly perplexing with the technical SEO efforts. You need to make sure that your ecommerce website pages load fast regardless of the internet speed on the user’s site. Also, you need to double-check whether the ecommerce web page appears correctly on any type of screen, including desktop computers and old smartphones.

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Unite Your Business Resources

Reinforcing the effect of backlinks is possible thanks to creating a net of your business resources online. If you have a business account on Instagram, make announcements about your product by linking to the website page directly. The same goes for other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

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Advanced Ecommerce Link Building

Apart from the techniques that simply imply the insertion of links to your website from other online resources, there are some other advanced approaches you might consider. Those usually imply the application of extra effort for gaining and monitoring backlinks. Below are provided the two advanced methods you can use to enrich the quality of the backlinks for your ecommerce website link building campaign.

Guest Posting

When it comes to guest posting, you need to create an article for an external blog. As a remuneration, you would be able to insert the link back to your ecommerce web page and advertise your products there. There are also several things related to publishing guest articles that you need to pay elevated attention to.

The first and most important aspect is to select the guest blogging platform where you can post your article. It should be a reputable online resource with high domain authority.

The next step is to prepare content for your guest article on the selected guest platform. It should be aligned with the guest blog theme and naturally incorporate the information about your products with the link to your ecommerce web page.

Writing guest articles is even more time-consuming than simply gaining backlinks as you need to create content from scratch in that case. However, the obtained results will pay you off shortly with higher visibility of your ecommerce products on the web. Guest posting is also a powerful tool that enhances your overall brand awareness, which is beneficial for your entire business promotion. 

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Use SEO Tools

As you gain backlinks one by one, you also need to monitor their performance. There are lots of SEO tools you can use for checking the backlink profile of your ecommerce website. If you want to know more about the necessity of backlinks check, visit page to get more details on that.

There are many professional SEO tools that would help you to check the current backlink profile for your ecommerce website. Both paid and free SEO tools will ensure you make a deliberate backlink profile audit.

SEMrush Backlink Checker

This tool is specifically dedicated to the analysis of the existing and newly added backlinks. SEMrush backlink checker informs you when new backlinks are added and when existing backlinks are deleted, with the specific date and time indicated. Also, this tool allows you to analyze the domains of the backlinks and help to decide how their authority would influence your domain. Moreover, you will also obtain the possibility to monitor your competitors’ backlink strategies with this tool.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Similar to the SEMrush solution, Ahrefs backlink checker provides a wide functionality set for analyzing your ecommerce website backlink profile. You will get information on every backlink, including the page rating it is coming from, the type of link, and other necessary characteristics.


This tool is a part of a complex SEO solution provided by Mangools. It allows you to find the most powerful backlinks based on the link strength parameter. Therefore, you can select the best backlinks that would boost your ecommerce website ranking.


An ecommerce company should promote not only its entire website but particular product pages for achieving desired outcomes. That is why creating a proper link building strategy is very important for ecommerce establishments. Get backlinks from the online resources of your partners to experience some tangible results. Also, consider searching for backlinks with high domain authority for your ecommerce product pages.

Along with adding and nourishing backlinks, you should monitor their performance. For that, use analytics and SEO online tools that would help you to check new and existing backlinks, see when they were added or deleted, and explore how they can potentially influence your ecommerce website rankings.

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