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4 Top Exit Intent Pop-Ups From E-Commerce Websites - Updated 2023

April 26, 2023 | Author:  Andrew Maff


E-commerce websites are full of distractions that can lead users to abandon their carts. This is the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment and why the exit-intent popup was created.

With so many different elements on your e-commerce website, it's hard to keep track of what you have on each page. It is very easy for someone to click on a banner ad or box without noticing that it leads to another product page, or worse, it takes them off your site entirely! As soon as this happens, customers lose interest because they know they aren't getting what they came for.

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Exit-intent pop-ups are designed with this problem in mind; you can increase your sales by giving potential customers an incentive to stay on your website and make a purchase.

This post will teach you what exit intent pop-ups are, how they can help your e-commerce website convert more visitors into customers, and some exit pop-up hacks. You'll also learn about some of the best exit pop-ups that you should be using on your site.

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How Do I Know If My Website Needs An Exit Intent Pop-Up?


There's no way to automate which kind of exit intent pop-up shows up for your customers. This isn't something you could randomly guess; you need to take a closer look at your analytics reports and keep track of your website's usual behavior.

If your site is growing, there's a good chance you don't need exit-intent pop-ups. However, if you're struggling to get people back on your site and purchase after they've left the checkout page, then it might be time to implement them.

When Do I Display My Exit Intent Pop-Up?


Again, this depends entirely on each business! You'll need to find such a strategy when most of your customers are abandoning your site, and use that information to determine when an exit-intent popup would work best for you.

You could set up immediate pop-ups right before someone leaves your site (as mentioned above), but this isn't always effective because some people forget what they were doing and leave without taking any action. You should try to make it as simple as possible. You want people to take action (like signing up or checking out) without taking too much time.

It's important not to over-complicate your exit-intent pop-ups because this could result in them annoying your customers and doing more harm than good! Keep it fresh and simple by changing the copy every month or so, including a promotional coupon (e.g., buy one get one free). Just be sure not to spam your customers with pop-ups. Nobody likes that!

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How Do I Implement An Exit-Intent Pop-Up?


As we mentioned before, there is no way to automate how soon or where an exit-intent pop-up shows up on your site. This is something that you'll have to do manually!

We recommend creating your pop-up in HTML, so they are easy to customize and look great on any device. You can either build them yourself or use a service to give you an example of what one might look like when it’s ready to be implemented.

What Is The Best Type Of Exit Intent Pop-Up?


This again depends entirely on each business—not everyone wants the same thing from their customers! There are no "bad" exit intent pop-ups out there, but some are certainly more effective than others. Below are some exit intent pop-up examples.


  • Survey


If you want feedback about your site or future products, an exit pop-up that asks customers for their opinion can be a great way to gather this information! Just remember to pick and choose the questions you ask so it doesn't feel like an extra step in your checkout process.

  • Tease


If you want to let customers know about new products or collections they missed out on during their visit, this could be a good way to encourage them to return without much effort. Think of something clever and original; don't recycle the exact old copy from every other e-commerce site!


  • Invitations


Exit-intent pop-ups work well when combined with invitations, like asking customers if they would like to join your mailing list. If someone is already leaving your website, they're probably not going to take the time to fill out a form!

  • Time-Sensitive Offers


Another great way to implement exit intent pop-ups is by offering an incentive related to your product.

For example: "Last chance to save $50 with our buy two, get one free offer!" This works well if you offer upsells or other discounts on additional items.

It's important not to overcomplicate things because there will be so many different scenarios and questions for each business, and no scenario is the same as the next. Yes, this may make it more difficult for you in the short term, but it'll pay off once you figure out what works best for your customers!


How To Design A Successful Exit-Intent Pop-Up


One way to make an exit intent pop-up more successful is by designing it in a way that appeals to your target market. You can design your pop-up using exit intent overlays, exit intent technology, and an exit-intent ad to appeal to your target market. This can be done by using relevant images that already have brand recognition, targeting the right people through demographic information, and using persuasive copy.

Another way to entice website visitors with exit intent pop-ups is by providing more value than the visitor expected. For example, if someone clicked on a product, you could provide them with additional information about the product, a free shipping offer, discount codes, or a free sample box.

This extra value would encourage visitors to stay on your site even if they were planning on leaving, therefore, increasing your lead generation form and website traffic!


Best Practices For Using Exit Intent Pop-Ups


Exit intent pop-ups are a great way to help your website convert more visitors. They can provide a better conversion rate than traditional pop-ups and banners, and they're less disruptive than full-page ads.

To be successful, exit intent pop-ups should be used sparingly and only for those users who have been browsing your site for a while. This helps you capture the attention of these "warm leads" because they've already shown interest in your product or service.

Here are some exit pop-up hacks:

  • Use an exit intent pop-up relevant to what someone is looking at on your website.
  • Ensure that you give people enough time to read what you want to show them before they leave the site (about 10 seconds).
  • Offer visitors an incentive such as a free ebook or coupon code if they stay on the page long enough.



Benefits Of Using Exit Intent Pop-Ups


Exit intent pop-ups are a great way to help your website convert more visitors. They can provide a better conversion rate than traditional pop-ups and banners, and they're less disruptive than full-page ads.

An exit intent pop-up appears when someone is about to leave your site, usually at the bottom of the page or because they've scrolled past the end of the content. These pop-ups are designed to get people who are leaving to stay on your site by providing them with an additional incentive for converting.

For example, if you have an e-commerce site selling t-shirts, exit intent pop-ups might offer discounts on t-shirts or allow customers to sign up for your email list so they can receive exclusive coupons in their inbox.

Exit intent pop-ups don't require much setup because you typically only need one line of code that triggers when someone leaves your website. The best part about exit intent pop-ups is that they're mobile responsive because most people nowadays browse on mobile devices.

This means that you'll see better conversions without needing to create separate versions for desktop and mobile browsers.


How Can These Help Your E-Commerce Website Convert More Visitors?


Exit intent pop-ups are a form of advertising that appears when a website visitor starts to leave the page. It is designed to convert visitors' attention before navigating away from your site. The idea behind exit intent pop-ups is that if you give the website visitor an offer just as they're about to leave, they might be more inclined to stay.

For example, imagine an e-commerce website where you sell all types of shoes. You want visitors interested in women's shoes to stay on your site instead of leaving because they didn’t find what they were looking for.

You could have an exit intent pop-up appear for people who visit your women's shoe category but don't see anything they want. The pop-up would show them some other categories related to shoes that may interest them or offer them a coupon for their next purchase.

This type of marketing can be effective because it doesn't take up space on the screen like traditional banners, which are often ignored by web users anyway. Exit intent pop-ups are also less disruptive than full-page ads, which often require consumers to go through hoops before closing out of them and returning to your site.

Exit intent pop-ups can provide a better conversion rate than traditional pop-ups and banners, which should make any business owner happy! Not only will it increase revenue, but it will decrease costs too!




Exit intent pop-ups are an excellent way to encourage customers to make a purchase at your site when they are about to leave without making a purchase. With these types of pop-ups, you can be sure that you are capturing the attention of people interested in what you are selling.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution here; make sure that you're using exit intent pop-ups rationally and for their intended purpose (i.e., collecting feedback). No one likes spam, so don't overdo it!

Exit intent pop-ups might not be the most exciting addition to your website, but they're a great way to collect valuable feedback from your customers. Whether you ask them about their favorite product or how you can improve your future site layout, if you give people a reason to care, they'll take a minute or two out of their day to let you know what they think. And who knows? Maybe those exit pop-ups will result in additional sales!

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