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Top 10 AI Chrome Extensions Every Business Owner Needs

July 03, 2023 | Author:  Andrew Maff

Search engines like Google Analytics already have proprietary integrations that make running business websites easier, from insights to engagement metrics. However, you’ll still have to handle tasks like generating content for your business, creating illustrator videos, and automating repetitive tasks. Fortunately, Google Chrome browser extensions are available to help streamline these business operations.

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We focus on AI Chrome extensions that use artificial intelligence to do tasks that would otherwise take us hours. These range from content generation to personal assistant, transcription, emailing, and more. With these AI tools, you’ll have time to stay focused on other things. Here's the ultimate guide to AI marketing that is also a game changer.

AI Chrome extensions can inject life into your entire website, whether you are a small business owner or operate a large website. They function across different websites, allowing you to switch between platforms. With that in mind, here is our take on the best Google Chrome extensions (AI-based) every business owner needs.


10 Popular Chrome Extensions (AI-based) for Business Owners

ChatGPT launched a new era of natural language processing, releasing several iterations, including GPT-4, in March 2023. Many other tools exist that can be installed as browser extensions to help with a variety of tasks.

Areas business owners can use AI Google Chrome extensions include the following:

  • Content marketing
  • Blog posts writing
  • Virtual personal assistant
  • Transcription and note taking
  • Research
  • Emailing
  • Copywriting

The top Chrome extensions (AI-powered) for business owners include the following:



Jasper has you covered regardless of which sector you’re in. It is an AI writing assistant that does more than just write. You can quickly create original long-form content five times faster than it would typically take manually.

This Google Chrome extension works for blog and social media posts, marketing copies, emails, books, and more. You can even repurpose existing content and generate new ideas. Unlike paraphraser tools, this browser extension produces plagiarism-free and search-engine-optimized content.

Prominent features in Jasper include the following:

  • Over 50 content templates
  • Writing in over 30 languages
  • Long-form writing
  • Functions to adjust the tone of voice

Your next blog post will come in faster, sound original, and be search engine optimized. You can use the Google Chrome extension in Google Docs. Go to your extensions management page and ensure you toggle the extension icon on.

Jasper should be on your list of the top Chrome extensions if you want to save time on content generation. For example, you can use it to generate copies for your paid advertising campaigns.

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Videos are more powerful than text and images and produce better business engagement. Research shows that people remember things from videos more than other media. Hence, even after optimizing images for SEO, incorporating videos is essential for business owners.

This browser extension goes beyond integrating YouTube videos on your website. Instead, it provides tools to create videos from text. You can prepare your script on Google Docs and turn it into a video with Synthesia.io.

Synthesia has over 125 AI avatars you can use to create your videos. Alternatively, you can create your own digital twin to personalize your video. Both ways will give you something to work on within 15 minutes.

You can use the free version to save time on your product or explainer videos. This popular Chrome extension integrates with web applications through UserPilot.

With over 60 video templates, you have more than enough ways to create high-quality content. They are good enough to function as a YouTube video to expand your reach.


Compose AI

Compose AI is one of the must-have Chrome browser extensions to take your emailing to the next level. It integrates with Google Docs and your primary Gmail inbox, helping you save time composing messages.

Emailing, from sending proposals to replying, is essential for business owners. Compose AI generates automated emails and messages for your clients or customers, regardless of the number. Nonetheless, you can still use it to generate content.

An essential feature of this Chrome browser extension is that it adapts to your writing style. Its artificial intelligence learns your frequently used phrases and personalizes the messages.

Email replies using Compose AI will include text from the original email. Hence, it works just like you would send a response from your inbox.

Besides its emailing feature, the Chrome browser extension autocompletes sentences. As a result, you will type faster, whether you are providing support to a customer or sending a business proposal.



Seamless.AI is a useful Chrome extension scalable for big and small business owners to collect leads. You can add it from the Chrome web store in just a few clicks.

The speed of getting contacts off web pages, from phone numbers to sales email accounts, makes Seamless.AI a must-have extension. You can use it on any website, including Salesforce, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, and Recruiter. 

Seamless.AI will research, verify, and deliver crucial contact data in real-time. It also works with the following:

  • Customer relationship management systems (CRM)
  • Automation tools for marketing
  • Applicant tracking systems

Here is how you can use the tool:

  1. Add the extension from the Chrome web store.
  2. Right-click on a name or business on any website to activate the tool.
  3. Get information about the company, including the lead staff.

Business owners can quickly build a contact list for marketing or cold emailing.


ProfilePro is a recently announced AI tool from Merchynt that allows small business owners to optimize and manage their Google business profiles. It is essential for all types of businesses.

This Chrome extension lets you do the following:

  • Optimize your description for local SEO.
  • Automate your Google Business posts.
  • Generate AI images for your posts.
  • Create automated review responses.
  • Get SEO-optimized product and service descriptions.
  • Create SEO answers to questions on your business profile.

ProfilePro is available in 10 languages. Also, the free version provides enough features for small business entrepreneurs. You can leave off the paid version, except if you want unlimited features.

These AI optimizations will improve visibility in Google search results. In addition, it works on all your devices, from PCs to Macs, tablets, and smartphones.


Fireflies.ai is a popular Chrome extension for recording, transcribing, and analyzing voice conversations. It eliminates manual note-taking and lets you stay focused on the discussion in business meetings. Here is a breakdown of these features:

Automatic Recording and Transcription

The transcription feature is available across many video-conferencing applications. You can also transcribe audio files.

Fireflies.ai Notetake can integrate with meetings on your Google Calendar. It will capture the video and audio and generate transcripts in minutes.

Find Anything

This tool can review hour-long meetings in a few minutes. You can filter the meetings by topic. It's like using a tool to summarize YouTube videos in seconds.



Although training data is limited to 2021, ChatGPT is a powerful AI search assistant that can help small business owners. Natural language processing makes communication fluid. Hence, you can get more intelligent responses as you review search results from your queries.

There are cons to using it for business, but the pros outweigh them. The pros include the following:

  • Content generation ideas for social media and blog posts
  • Help in customer research
  • Automate daily tasks


Although not among the most popular Chrome extensions, Review Hero is useful for small business owners that buy from Amazon. It summarizes all the product reviews at the top of the product page. As a result, you can quickly decide if a product is worth purchasing.

This Chrome extension works in real-time and provides reviews in several languages. You can also extract the pros and cons of a product through ChatGPT.

Review Hero is a small software module built using ChatGPT and Chrome extensions. You’ll save time on purchases for your business with the tool.



Business entrepreneurs can prepare for pitches better if they know the investors' personalities. CrystalKnows provides that opportunity with its personality AI. It analyzes the content on your prospect’s page and combines it with other collected data to determine the person’s personality.

The CrystalKnows Chrome extension allows you to study prospects on Gmail, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and other famous sales platforms. Hence, you can prepare better for speeches, and pitches, and confidently start conversations.

Entrepreneurs on the go can quickly read the personality report before jumping on business calls or meetings. CrystalKnows is one of the quiet tech-based tools that can dramatically improve your chances at sales.


This Chrome extension is a direct competitor to Fireflies.ai. It is available for voice recording and transcription across different platforms. In addition, it can automatically join meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Besides recording, Otter.ai can take notes, capture slides and incorporate them into the notes, and provide a summary. You can connect your Google Calendar to plan your meetings.


Know Your Business to Get the Best

Knowing your business needs is the key to winning with Google AI Chrome extensions. Compose AI and Otter.ai are ideal if you regularly attend meetings. Conversely, Jasper is excellent if you prefer making SEO posts.

We have covered the top Chrome extensions for businesses. Use them as starting points as you explore other niche-based extensions.

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