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How to Incorporate Jasper AI into Your Content Strategy

July 12, 2023 | Author:  Andrew Maff

The artificial intelligence (AI) market has an estimated compound annual growth rate of 3.1%, showing its fast development pace. Jasper AI is one of the prominent ones pushing content marketing efforts forward in ways never imagined. It saves time, facilitates business goals, and introduces innovative ways for content creation.

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You can use Jasper as an AI writing tool for blog content, social media posts, and overall SEO strategy. However, as Google and other search engines may flag it, you must be careful with AI content creation for blog writing. Always add the human touch through post-editing to keep the tone of voice engaging.

Today, we have natural language processing, which has made artificial intelligence more capable of processing our everyday conversions. Your content marketing strategy will be more efficient if you incorporate AI tools when researching, optimizing, or creating content. So, we have outlined different ways the Jasper AI tool fits into the everyday content strategy.


Automation to Save Time

E-commerce sellers know the importance of automation, from automated emails to customer support. You will not only save time, but you will also keep your readers and potential customers engaged. A quick response is essential to business success.

Jasper is an efficient automation tool that can free up your time during content production. It builds on your content marketing strategy, helping you execute tasks more quickly.

The following are typical tasks that this AI can handle to help you stay ahead:

  • Brainstorming for new ideas to fill your editorial calendar
  • Creating headlines
  • Crafting outlines for short and long-form content, including bullet points and headers
  • Writing title tag and meta description
  • Create subject lines for emails and newsletter
  • Create high-quality content images
  • Write the introductory paragraph
  • Optimize the landing page copy and provide relevant calls to actions

Your intent creation process will be much easier. Furthermore, you can train this artificial intelligence to understand and write with your brand voice. That is a plus, giving you one less thing to worry about when checking out AI-generated content.


How to Use Jasper AI Tool in Your Content Strategy

Do you remember when you succeeded in writing well-written content? It was engaging and, most importantly, solved the problem or answered your question. The calls to action were well-placed to guide you.

You can expect nothing short of excellence when dealing with an industry worth $412 billion. Hence, you must use everything, including AI writing tools, to stay ahead.

There’s one thing you should keep in mind before we dive in. Human writers are still essential to ensuring the human touch is always present.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can use Jasper to create great content:

Topic Research

Even if your industry is large, finding new tops for content creation can become a challenge. We often check competitor sites, forums, and news to get new topics to populate our web pages. Whichever strategy you use, the process is often time-consuming with limited results.

How about something that can crawl the web and social media platforms intelligently? That is where this AI tool comes in. The process becomes quicker, and you can end up with thousands of topics.

Provide the AI tool with your customer persona and specific needs. Then, Jasper will brainstorm dozens of existing content in seconds. At the end, you’ll have a list of topics for your blog post, newsletter,and social media post.

Add them to your calendar for content planning and production. You can get ideas for short- and long-form content depending on your query.

This approach fits well with your marketing strategy. You’ll know the relevant information to work on as you reach out to prospective customers.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential for your content marketing efforts and is closely tied to topic research. Fortunately, AI software can take the burden off our shoulders by pointing us in the right direction. Jasper is among the AI tools that can help you identify keywords with high search volume and low difficulty.

Your SEO performance will improve once you produce quality content with the appropriate keywords. With most traffic going to websites on the first page, you’ll benefit from the high rankings.

Go to the AI software and input your competitor URLs. The tool will scan and pick out relevant keywords that you can use to produce content. Also, you can use filters for short- and long-tail keywords.

Expand the list by finding keyword matches. These words or phrases differ from the main keyword but produce similar search engine results. Add these keywords to your list.

The last step is filtering out those with high competition and difficulty. Use AI to speed up the process and get ready to produce high-quality content.

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Content Optimization

The race to produce optimized content for search engines is highly competitive. That is why the services in the industry have a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 17.6%.

Jasper can reduce your reliance on SEO professionals and help you create your own content. That doesn’t mean refraining from hiring a marketing agency for a paid advertising campaign. Instead, we imply that Jasper can handle the essentials of creating content.

Here’s how AI tools like Jasper help in optimization:

  • Develop quality content for keyword targeting.
  • Write engaging content for your target audience.
  • Optimize and produce catchy headlines based on analytics.
  • Optimize headings, title tags, and meta descriptions.

There is no better way to optimize information for a target audience than to analyze what they like. AI tools can do that in the shortest possible time. Hence, you can use them for analysis and optimization.


Writing Quality Content

Google and other search engines may flag 100% AI-written content. Nonetheless, machine learning and natural language processing improve by the day. Jasper can learn and produce quality content in your own words.

It can learn your preferred tone and maintain quality as it writes. Granted, you should still read over for fact-checking, tone of voice, etc. That is how you’ll get a well-written piece if you use AI.

The AI Writing Process

Let’s explore further how to incorporate AI into written content creation. Here are some quick steps to get you started:

  • Enter the title.
  • Add a description for your article.
  • Input your preferred keywords.
  • Choose the tone and language.


The process looks easy, but there is more. This tool has templates to improve and speed up the content creation process. They include the following:

  • Paragraph rewriter
  • Website sub-headline generator
  • Headline generator
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Content improver
  • Unique value proposition

The unique value proposition template can help you create a compelling landing page statement. Jasper can also use the AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action) framework to produce high-quality content. It is among the many templates on the platform.


Analyze Your Target Audience for Personalization

You’ll see this more in eCommerce marketing as businesses try to get customers through hiring or in-house sales team. The whole idea is to give the audience what they want. How do you know what your customers want?

That simple ad copy must be optimized for your target buyers. Everything boils down to analysis.

In the past, this process could take days as analysts sieved through the data. However, you can do that in minutes with Jasper. This tool can analyze the following:

  • Demographics
  • Browsing preferences
  • Interests
  • Needs

Then, you can combine these results and personalize the information. It is also effective for optimizing different channels.

Jasper is a time-saver for any marketing team or freelance content marketers. Input the information you want to analyze; it will do the rest.

Content Planning

Creating content is only half of the process. You must also know when and where to drop them. This is one area that can make or mar your content marketing efforts.

Jasper’s analytics power can identify the best weekdays and times to distribute content. Engagement is everything for any content marketing team.

Besides knowing when to post, you can also use AI tools to monitor engagement on your channels. That will help you identify the top-performing posts.

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AI Chatbot

You won’t have all the time in the world to reply to comments or inquiries on your website or social media channels. An AI chatbot can help with simple things like responding to a comment or providing a guide. Most importantly, you can train the AI chatbot to become better.

Your audience can get quick and guided responses to their questions or inquiries. That produces better engagement than having them comb through posts and guides on your website or social media.

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Don’t Forget Technical SEO - Final Thoughts

You can create content and get all the basics right. However, your content strategy will fall short of expectations if you ignore technical SEO. That includes taking care of things like the site map, using H1 tags appropriately, and using suitable image sizes.

Ensure you confirm the factual accuracy of your AI content before publishing it on your website. Also, take the necessary precautions to prevent search engines from flagging your posts.

When used correctly, Jasper can be a powerful tool to create content. Contact SEO professionals if you need further guidance on working with it.

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