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B2B Marketing - 5 Tools to Build Your Company - Updated 2023

April 26, 2023 | Author:  Andrew Maff

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a forever-growing industry that supplies the chains of other businesses. Services or products are sold to other organizations or companies that they need to stay in business. For example, manufacturing equipment or office supplies are sold from businesses that stock up on the products to other companies that use these services or items. 

We will discuss in more detail what B2B marketing is and how it helps industries grow. Multiple tools are used to increase B2B marketing, and discussions will show how it works. Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of B2B marketing, so those interested will know everything they are getting into when starting or growing their business.

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B2B Marketing in the 21st Century

B2B marketing companies are the middle suppliers of the industries that sell to the public. Anyone can sell to the consumers, but it takes strategic measures to reach out and sell to other companies. B2B companies only sell to other businesses and have no ties to the public. 

Office Supplies

As mentioned above, office supplies are the best example of what B2B marketing is. They contact businesses with offices and will show their products through the website, catalogs, or brochures. They become a vendor if the company finds value in the office supplies the business has to offer. Contracts are signed, and orders are taken to supply the company with the product. As the industry moves to sell, the B2B company also prospers. It becomes a win-win ordeal for both parties.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are another example of how B2B works. The grocery store will have different vendors from different product brand names. The brand name company is the B2B company, as they sell their products to the grocer. The grocer keeps the B2B company in service as they furnish the goods for the grocer to sell. The grocer then turns around and sells the products at a higher price than they purchased to make a profit. 

Manufacturing Companies

The good news is to own a B2B company; any product is sold from the vendors to keep the chain going. If the suppliers slip up, so will the business they sell to in the marketing industry. The manufacturing companies must remain on top of the marketing style and above their competition to make the B2B company successful. Retail stores are among those that purchase products from manufacturing companies. 

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Services Like Amazon

Amazon's B2B Services are among the services that work with other businesses. So many items are sold through Amazon each year, and more companies are using them. Those who are in the Seller Central accounts are B2B owners, and they are the only ones that can use the webpage. Many of these are operated like clubs, and only certain people can use them.

The Tools Needed to Increase B2B Marketing

The brilliant thing about these tools is it is best to use all five simultaneously. One item may work better than another for some people but never rely on one tool. Some people may find it difficult, but it is possible if the effort is put forth. If the tool fails, then the possibility rises that the person will have to start all over again from the beginning to reach their goals. 

These five tools are listed to help grow the B2B business world.


Search Engine Optimization or (SEO): SEO is a growing trend to put businesses on top of the search list. Keywords and phrases are used to write articles or other orders on a website. When a person searches for a company or a service, the keywords are pulled up into the mix, which allows the business to come out on top of the others. It is a way to pull more traffic to the company without going all over the creation to find it. About 71 - 75 percent use this method the most. business-using-laptop-with-email-icon-email-inbox-electronic-communication-graphics-concept-1

Email Marketing: Emails are sent randomly and to others through the contact lists. The best way to get emails is through subscriptions, especially if a daily or weekly blog is involved. Once the interest is sparked, they will want to read more of your work, leaving the window open to get in touch with the subscribers. Here are some extra tips on getting emails into the primary inbox.magnifier-glass-red-inscription-best-content-cut-out-paper

Content Marketing: This is where blogs are famous. The primary goal is to be relevant to the business or product. Writing about a specific topic, even within the B2B industry, is appropriate. It works great with software products for other companies. Companies that supply veterinarians are also a good pick because people love to read about animals. Adding links to the content brings the business to the webpage, where they are hooked to seeing what the B2B company has to offer.


Web Design: This is where the first impression should happen. The web design must be professional and helpful. Those who have emails, phone numbers, and other valuable information about the B2B company get more prospects. The web page must stand out from the competition, and it will deliver more leads as it is the best passive way to reach other businesses. 

  1. Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC): This tool is closely related to affiliate marketing, but it brings the company to the B2B door, not to someone else. It will drive traffic to the B2B owner's email, and they can chat with the other businesses looking to do business. Pop-up ads are among the best ways to reach people in marketing because it is on a website that is relevant to the topic. All entrepreneurs find this tool most helpful in bringing in traffic.

Passive and Aggressive Marketing

As seen above, everything is passive. This means through B2B, the customers will come directly to the B2B owner. Some people remember cold calling. In today's society, cold calling has gone out of the window. It meant too much work for too many rejections and takes too much time

When business is slow, it may be a good idea to reach out to other companies to see if what is offered is right for them. Cold calling was a suitable sales method at one time, but is it worth it? It is a method that can and is still used, but it can work better as a last resort after the five tools are utilized first. 

The Benefits of B2B Marketing Methods

Without marketing, all businesses are prone to fail. The strategic methods are so valuable to growing the B2B companies that they must be at the forefront of continuing to have and run the business at all times. 

The benefits are as follows:

  1. More qualified leads are gathered as potential prospects.
  2. It increases the brand name's exposure to other buyers.
  3. It increases the flow of traffic to the website.
  4. Client relationships will grow as the B2B becomes a number one vendor. (The better chance a person has with the personal side of the one in charge, the better options for closing sales.)
  5. The passive advertisement keeps flowing.

white-mouse-with-wooden-cube-shopping-cart-icon-online-shopping-dark-backgroundThe Disadvantages of B2B Marketing

It is a good and bad thing that B2B is strictly operated through other businesses' needs, not people who make an honest living. Unless the person is a business owner, the B2B will have nothing to do with that other person. These are some of the disadvantages:

  1. Most items are sold in bulk.
  2. There are fewer options with quantity.
  3. Prices can be higher than at the store. 

These are very few cons, but they exist as a problem. All we can do is weigh out the options. 

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