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6 AI Tools to Leverage When Doing Keyword Research

July 21, 2023 | Author:  Andrew Maff

The success of paid advertising, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) depends largely on using relevant keywords. Today, we have AI-based SEO tools for keyword research to help us identify words, phrases, and related keywords for optimizing content. These marketing tools come in various forms and approaches to generate ideas for SEO professionals.

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You can leverage AI-powered keyword research tools to identify high-ranking keywords for marketing campaigns, build SEO content briefs, etc. Some, like Jasper and Surfer SEO, can make keyword suggestions for website content optimization or AI-generated content. Notwithstanding, you must learn how they work to leverage them appropriately in your keyword research.

Your SEO campaigns will have a higher success rate when you take advantage of the valuable insights of these AI-powered SEO tools. We have identified a few, including those with natural language processing, to share with you today and boost your SEO efforts. You can use them to generate actionable insights on content ideas for better search engine rankings.

The 6 Best AI SEO Tools You Can Leverage for Keyword Research

Artificial intelligence has made keyword research easier and faster. These powerful AI SEO tools can analyze large amounts of data on multiple websites to find the best keywords. However, you might need more than one AI SEO tool for different stages of keyword research.

Here is an example of how you can use different AI SEO tools for keyword research

  • Use one AI SEO tool to generate keywords from SEO and traffic insights. These keywords are ideas and unranked by difficulty and competition.
  • The next step after keyword discovery is to test for keyword difficulty.
  • Analyze search volume data to determine competition.

You can even use AI SEO tools to get keyword ideas from your website traffic. Then, you can use an AI writing tool to create content for search engine marketing campaigns and social media posts.

AI SEO tools with natural language processing are best suited for the early stages of SEO keyword research. Then, you can progress to others for difficulty and competition analysis. This includes short- and long-tail keywords.

With that in mind, here are the best AI SEO tools you can leverage for keyword research:



This artificial intelligence platform has improved since its launch in late 2022. Plug-ins have rolled in as updates to help them access current data sources and provide more up-to-date answers.

Its natural communication makes it one of our top-recommended SEO software tools for keyword research. Start by asking it to recommend niches for a topic. Then, you can use the results to find SEO keywords.

You can prepare Google Sheets to record the topic ideas you get. The key to using ChatGPT is providing the correct prompts. Here are a few prompt ideas you can use:

  • Develop a list of relevant keywords about e-commerce.
  • Generate a set of 60 keywords typically associated with e-commerce.
  • Create a set of 100 keyphrases for commonly asked questions in e-commerce.


Features of ChatGPT

ChatGPT makes the keyword discovery process easy and quick. Its features include the following:

  • Grouping keywords into relevant clusters
  • Produce results as a chat
  • Answer any question

The character limit on the free plan might prevent you from getting as much information as possible. Nonetheless, ChatGPT is an essential keyword research tool in the early stages. It is ideal for brainstorming before adding related keywords and filtering your list.

You can use it as an AI writer to create content. It can be an AI tool for quick social media marketing campaigns.


Jasper Chat

This tool is best known as an AI writer. Its chat function can also help you brainstorm keyword ideas. You can use prompts to generate keywords for content ideas.

You may need follow-up questions to get more streamlined answers from Jasper Chat. Also, keywords are available in some templates for faster writing.

One advantage of Jasper Chat is that it is built for businesses. However, it is limited to 2021 in its knowledge base and niche expansion. That means you must use it with care to avoid getting outdated results.

Search engines like Google's Search Console regularly update their algorithms for optimized content.


Features of Jasper Chat

This AI-powered chat tool shares many similarities with ChatGPT and uses one of the former’s language models, GPT3.5. However, it offers more use cases for businesses. Some of its prominent features include:

  • Support for 29 languages
  • Remembers previous messages in the chat to establish context
  • AI writing tool


Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

ChatGPT and Jasper can be used for free to brainstorm keywords. Nonetheless, you’ll need paid AI SEO tools to take the suggestions forward, filter them, and select those for on-page SEO optimization.

Ahrefs is a robust keyword research tool that can generate thousands of ideas. It is an artificial intelligence you should have in your website ranking and content marketing strategy. Also, you can use it to review search engine results pages for the top-ranking options.

The following is a brief illustration of how you can use Ahrefs with the keywords you generate with ChatGPT or Jasper Chat:

  • Paste the generated ideas in the keyword explorer.
  • Retrieve keyword ideas for different search engines. This step can help in research and targeting, especially for e-commerce sellers.
  • Use filters like search volume, word count, clicks per search, and cost per click to streamline the list. You can combine these filters for more unique results.
  • Check the keyword difficulty score.
  • Use advanced metrics, including return rate, percentage of clicks, and percentage of paid clicks vs. organic clicks.

Other features, like “parent keyword,” can be helpful in content optimization. You can also see the traffic potential of your keywords. That helps shape your content ideas.

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Features of Ahrefs

The features of this platform make it one of the best AI SEO tools for keyword research. You can quickly identify a relevant keyword for content optimization. The following are helpful features that will boost your SEO efforts:

  • Parent topic for a particular keyword
  • Clicks metric to filter suggestions
  • Supports ten search engines
  • SERP overview and positions history


Surfer SEO

Writing content for keyword topics is one of many ways to leverage AI SEO tools. Including key phrases and words in your posts helps with search engine optimization. For that, we recommend Surfer SEO to produce SEO-optimized blog posts.

Surfer SEO can optimize content for the following:

  • Word count
  • Number of headings
  • Number of images
  • Relevant keywords

Log into your account and go to the keyword research section. Enter the keyword to find relevant clusters. Then, you can use search intent, cluster range, and search volume to filter the results.

This AI SEO tool can create dozens of clusters to help with content optimization. You can also link the research results to the content editor. That makes writing easier and faster.


This AI SEO tool takes keyword research to a new level of ease. Provide the main topic, and it will do the rest. The tool can generate relevant keywords, paid competition metrics, title scores, and keyword patterns.

Twinword can group keywords by search intent, helping you optimize for search engines. You can also view popular topics in the niche to help with your SEO strategies.

The user interface is easy to use. All you have to do is enter the keyword and click “Suggest.” Also, the grouping is automatic to help you with content creation.

Unlike most tools mentioned on this list, Twinword cannot write a post. It only provides the keywords.



Volume and difficulty scores are essential metrics in creating content that will generate organic traffic. ContextMinds is an AI SEO tool that can generate and help you select keywords. Also, it allows users to create mind maps based on the results and plan their content strategy.

All you need are topics to input, while ContextMinds generates the headings and related topics. These suggestions can form your mind map to help you develop even more ideas and perspectives. Just drag and drop the suggestions to brainstorm more ideas.

You can group the generated keywords into clusters to plan around a topic. However, the grouping is manual and not automatic like Twinword.

The benefits of this tool include the following:

  • Access to unlimited relevant words and phrases
  • Visual representation to link words
  • Color tagging for keyword groups
  • AI-based library to stitch your content ideas

You can stay with the free version and use five maps. The paid version gives you unlimited maps to plan your content strategy.



You can analyze large amounts of data in seconds with artificial intelligence. Several tools have been developed. Some come with AI writing capabilities, while others are solely keyword research-based.

The best approach is to pair your research with a writing tool for quick content generation. Jasper and Surfeer SEO can help you generate words, phrases, and topics and write content from them. In addition, you will be faster than manually writing content.

Take your SEO strategy leaps ahead with AI tools in keyword research and writing. Generate content quickly while optimizing it for search engines. Then, your site will rank higher in search results.

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