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How to Promote a Job on LinkedIn- Updated 2023

April 26, 2023 | Author:  Andrew Maff

LinkedIn is one of the best destinations to connect with the job candidate that you’re looking for, both active and passive. Now that you already have a job post, there are quite a few ways to promote your job post on LinkedIn.

Before we proceed, please check our previous tutorial on how to post a job on LinkedIn if you don't have an active job yet. 

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Promote a Job on LinkedIn

Sharing Job Post

One of the easiest and free ways to promote your job is to share it. It can be on a blog post, a social media platform, or even on LinkedIn. All you just need to do is to get that link.

To do that, first, sign-in to your LinkedIn account.

1 post job linkedin login


On your Home Page, click the Suitcase Icon on top that says “Job

2 post job linkedin jobs suitcase icon tab


Then, click the Manage Job Posts link on the next page.

3 post job linkedin jobs post free job



Share on LinkedIn

Make Sure that you’re on the Open Jobs tab.

You should see your Active job posting. Click the three dots on the right and select Share in a Post on the drop-down.

1 posted jobs share in post


It will automatically create a feed for you. Just enter a catchy phrase and add some hashtags then click the Post button. You’re all set.

2 share linkedin feed promote job


You can also share this feed in a group.


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Share on Other Social Media Platform

You can’t limit yourself on LinkedIn. You can also share the post on any social media platform or even on your blog.

So back to your Active Job Posting, click the three Dots on the right, and select Copy Link on the drop-down.

3 posted jobs copy link


You should then see a notification at the bottom-left indicating that you already have copied the link.



Go to any social media platform and feel free to post your link.

5 social media post job link linkedin


Sponsored Post

Do you need more visibility? Or is your job post a crucial role for your company? You can also make your job post a sponsored one. You bid for top placement in LinkedIn’s personalized job placements. This premium placement gets your high-priority jobs noticed by the right candidates.

To do that, go to the Posted Job page. Select an active job and click the Promote Job link just below the job summary.

6-promote job link


You should see a recommended daily budget. This is for you to beat your competitors looking for the same candidate and to stay on top of the list. You can edit your daily budget by clicking the pen icon and adjust the slider.

7-promote job pen icon

After that, just click Promote Job.

8-promote job adjust amount sponsored job


The next page is where you will enter your payment details. Pay for it and you’re set.

9-promote job pay sponsored job



So this is how a sponsored job post should look like:







So there you have it, those are the ways you can promote your job on LinkedIn.

Promote a Job on LinkedIn Summary

1. Share the Job feed on your Page or in a Group

2. Share the Job link on any Social Media platform. 

3. Share the Job link on your blog.

4. Use LinkedIn's Sponsored Job Post.


There are quite a lot of job posting sites such as IndeedMonsterGlassdoorZipRecruiter and even on Facebook. You might want to check them out. There are currently millions of active job postings and it is wise to know the 6 top job boards to post on so you can find the right candidate for the job. 

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Watch the video tutorial here:


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