How to Create A+ Content on Amazon Seller Central - Updated 2022

March 12, 2021 | Author:  Andrew Maff

Amazon A+ Content is now free and unlimited for all vendors who have a professional selling account on Amazon and has been approved as a brand owner through the Amazon Brand Registry process. With the A+ Content in Amazon, you can mention more details to your item description, videos, comparison chars, heightened images, and many more things that will eventually help to increase the sales of your products.

moblAmazon has about 5 million sellers across all of the marketplaces and everybody is just thinking of ways to beat their competitor. With the help of Amazon A+ Content, you will not only craft enhanced content for your products, you will also maximize visibility in Amazon Search Engine Results (SERPs). This feature offers an unprecedented prospect to distinguish your product from similar products sold by your competitors.

In this blog, we will walk you through the basics in creating your first A+ Content on Amazon.


Create an A+ Content on Amazon

You can start by logging in to your account at



Navigate to The Create A+ Content Page

Once you’re in, click the Advertising tab located on top of the page and select A+ Content manager on the drop-down.



On the A+ Content Manager page, you should see some listings on where you can add an A+ content. Just click the Create A+ button on the selected listing.



But what we’re going to do is to start from scratch. Just click the Start Creating A+ content button located at the upper right of the page.



Content Details

Start by naming your content. Just fill in the content name field. This is going to be an internal name, so you can name it anything and make sure that you’re able to quickly remember what is in this content.


After naming your content, click the Add Module button to start adding


Add a Module

Select a format from the list of modules available. You can either do a standard company logo, a comparison chart, four images and text and many more. As a start, we’ll use a standard single left image.



Standard Single Left Image

Just drag and drop the image to upload. The minimum image size is indicated so make sure to just upload the correct image size. You can also rotate the image after you have uploaded it. You are required to submit image keywords, also known as alt-text, whilst uploading images. Image keywords should consist of a simple sentence describing the image. Once you’re set with the keywords, click the Add button. Fill out the headline text and add the body text. Unfortunately the A+ Content is only available in Rich Text format, so what we can do is just do some bold, italic and underlined text.



Standard Four Image & text

You can also do the Standard Four Image & text. Same as the first module that we just did but with 4 images. Just make sure to fill in the blank fields.



Comparison Module

Let’s do the comparison module. Use the Comparison Table module to highlight features across your product line. Click the Add Module again and select the Standard Comparison Chart. We’ll just run through the process. So like the other module, just drag and drop the image. Enter the title of each item and add their corresponding ASINs. Add an additional metric below by clicking the Add Metric button. You can add a metric that requires text for comparison or you can add something that requires a checkbox.



You can change the position of the module by clicking the up or down button in each module. Please note that what we are doing here is just an example and the arrangement will depend on the item that you’re selling. Once you’re all set with the arrangement, click the Next button so we can add the ASINs that will have this A+ Content.

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Add The ASINs

Search for the ASIN of the listing on where this A+ Content will be displayed. You can add as many ASINs as you like as long as you own the listing. If you have selected a parent ASIN, then all of the child ASINs will have this A+ Content.



Make sure that the listing is selected and click the Apply Content button. After you have added the ASINs, click the Next button so we can review and the submit the A+ Content for approval.



Review and Submit

Review your A+ content and make sure that all the images are loaded properly. Once you’re all set with the design, you can just click the Submit for Approval button.



After submitting, Amazon will review your content to make sure that it meets their policies. The review can take up to 7 business days or longer during peak seasons. A reason will be indicated if the A+ Content is not approved and just make the appropriate edits by then. But once it’s approved, it can take up to 24 hours for it to show up on the detail pages of the applied ASINs.

With the Amazon A+ Content , you will have a seamless online presence on the marketplace, thus boost your sales and it will also enhance your customer’s experience. Now if you need help with design, here at BlueTuskr, we can help you in optimizing your A+ Content and bring your products to the forefront.



Create an A+ Content Summary

1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central Account

2. Navigate to The Create A+ Content Page

3. Create an A+ Content

4. Add the Modules

5. Add the ASINs

6. Review and Submit


Watch the video tutorial here:


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